Sep 01 2007

Find A Friend

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If you are looking to make contact with a long lost friend or relative from Cabra West/ Cabra let us help. We will post your information on this site FREE OF CHARGE. Perhaps it is someone that you sat beside in school, your best pal or a neighbour that you’ve always wondered about. All you have to do is email your information to this site. We will then display your request and email address. Or you may wish to have us keep your email address on file instead. Keep your message brief and to the point. Avoid including personal information of a sensitive nature. You may email your request to :…Here are two examples of how it may look:

1) Wishing to contact Joe Bloggs who went to Finbarrs School in 1956.

2) I would like to make contact with my best pal from the Convent School. Her name is Rosie Thorn. We were in school together in 1962.


Can you help? I would like to make contact with any descendents of the late Robert Kearns of Ventry Park Cabra, in particular Angela

George P Kearns


More Help Required: There’s a friend of mine called Tommy, he’s a member on the forum. Now Tommy is 76 and isn’t very computer literate so he asked me if I would post the following message on the Cabrahistory forum on his behalf.“Trying to contact Vincent and Nora Finnigan who used to live at Ventry Drive. They used to have a mobile shop and I believe they emigrated to Australia in the 60’s but returned to Dublin not long after. Your help would be greatly appreciated.” AM TRYING TO TRACE THE FINNIGANS WHO LIVED IN VENTRY DRIVE THEY HAD A MOBILE SHOP OUT SIDE THERE HOUSE IN THE  SIXTYS. TOM FLANNERY


Rach45 | RACHEL.STEPHENSON@THEPENSIONSERVICE.GSI.GOV.UK  Hi wondered if anyone can help I’m compiling my family tree They lived in Bannow road name of Thompson in the 1940s, I’m having probs logging into the forum so though I’d try here, many thanks


Bernadette Sherlock | | IP:

Hi, I don’t know if anyone could help me at all, I’m trying to find out any information about either Michael O’Keefe or Patricia Josephine O’Keefe (maiden name Coady) who lived in 94 Cabra Road.

If anyone could help that would be FANTASTIC !!!

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