Oct 30 2015


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Cabra Grand Picture House  (20) gsIt was a Friday night and sure there was the peroxide blonde hanging out of your man’s arm outside the Cabra Grand and them waiting to go in to see Elvis in ‘Roustabout’. You should have seen the head on your man and it loaded with margarine and he thinking he looked like the King with the quiff on him. She had a mouth full of chewing gum while he was admiring himself in the Chipper window with the smoke from his fag curling up through her eye lashes. ‘Well babe…’ says he ‘…do you fancy going up to the balcony tonight or what’? Before answering her man she leaned down to pull up her nylons. ‘I don’t know…’ she said ‘…whatever you fancy yourself’. Now I was standing behind them with a moth on my arm and she says to me ‘Would you look at the style of that pair’. I just shrugged my shoulders and said nothing. Well the next thing is the Usher comes out and says to the both of them ‘Get lost you two, you’re not getting in here tonight…’. Well now, if you don’t mind but didn’t your one start crying and she says to the Usher ‘I’m going to tell me Da’ you’re after shouting at me’. Then the Usher says ‘Hold old are you two’? So she shouts back at him ‘I’m twelve and he’s nearly fourteen and not that it’s any of your business’. ‘Come on Carmel…’ says your man with the quiff ‘…I’ll buy a bag of chips and we can eat them on the way home, I don’t really like Elvis anyway, I’d rather have a bag of chips instead’. And off they went into the night…

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