Mar 31 2016

‘Get lost, I’m busy…’

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‘Was there ever a time in your house when there wasn’t someone or other hammering and banging on the toilet door while you were having a good old read? Sure there’d you’d be, stuck into the Beano or the Judy and then all of a sudden the brother or one of the sisters would start wailing and shouting at you to come out. “Will you ever wait, I have to pull up me trousers…” . “Ma’ he’s in the toilet reading again…”. Then you’d hear the sister doing her dance out on the landing while she was holding herself. “Hurry up, it’s nearly coming out…”. You see, it was alright for the brother because he could gallop down the stairs and out to the backyard and use the shore. That wasn’t so easy for the sisters. Why were girls always complicated when I was a Young Fella? Now, I’m going back to my Beano, so stop banging on that door…’

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