Jul 07 2017

‘Guitar Man, Kevin Kennerney…’

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On this very spot, more than 50 years ago, Kevin Kennerney taught me how to play my first chord on a guitar. The brother had sent me up to Cafolla’s chipper for a One and One, with a warning not to eat any of his chips or else. So on my way back from the Chipper I could see about 5 or 6 big lads sitting on Mister Murray’s wall on the corner of Lower Killala Road and Fassaugh Avenue. Then I heard a magical sound, the strumming of a guitar. Then one or two of the lads began to sing. I was star struck, I stood there watching and listening in wonderment. I told Kevin I could play the guitar and he told me to go home and bring it up to him. Well in next to no tine at all he tuned my guitar up and showed me how to hold down my first chord. So, it’s all down to this great man and his pals that I took those first baby steps and entered the magical world of music…’





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