Nov 26 2011

Hello Phones…

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Do you ever remember making a pair of telephones like these? We used to make them from two empty Bachelors Beans tin-cans and a long piece of string. You had to make a hole in the end of each can with a nail. You hit the nail in with a small rock. Then you put the ends of the string up through the holes in each tin. When you had this done you had to tie a big knot on each end of the string so that it wouldn’t slip through the holes in the tins. Now you were in business…you’d get your pal to hold one of the cans up to their ear while you stretched the string and held the other one and then spoke into it. This was magic at it’s best because your voice would travel along the piece of stretched string and your pal could hear you at the other end. No electricity needed and no batteries or chargers either. Now you couldn’t send a text message on it or that but you could have great fun at little or no expense. What a great invention…

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