Jul 18 2018

‘I heard a similar story from my mother…’

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The Monto Baby

 I was left behind a tenement door

One cold and weary night

Wrapped in a shawl

In a rain drenched hall

As my mother she took flight

The night wind howled up through the house

Like a Banshee at a Wake

Who cursed and cried

Like the Devil’s Bride

For a child

Someone to take

No loving arms reached out to me

To comfort me from fright

No one could hear

My cries of fear

On that sad and dreary night

So I lay wrapped in my shawl

And my cries seemed all in vain

When the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard

Said “Hello, what’s your name”

She gently took me in her arms

And held me to her breast

 She turned around

And I heard her say

“Jem, I think we’ve just been blessed

With this little babe that no-one wants

We’ll keep her for our own”

“Good on yeah Maggie” he replied

“We’ll keep her till she’s grown”


God sent two Angels from above

To bless my life with endless love

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