Dec 20 2011

I remember Christmas time…

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I remember Christmas time,

When I was a little boy.

How I’d wish me heart away,

For that special little toy.

For one whole week I’d do me  best,

To be very, very good.

Not to upset me Ma’ or Da’,

And be the best I could.

I wanted a little cowboy suit,

With a holster and a gun

And an orange in me stocking

That I’d share with everyone.

I’d say me little prayers at night,

And kneel beside me bed,

I’d picture Baby Jesus

With Santy in me head.

I’d try so hard to fall asleep

Counting Angels in the sky.

I’d turn this way and then turn back.

But no matter how I’d try

I couldn’t fall asleep at all

Until to my surprise,

Fairy dust would cover me

And close me little eyes.

Then that magic moment

Would finally come at last.

Out of bed and down the stairs

I’d gallop quick and fast.

And underneath the Christmas Tree

Amongst the toys and all the fruit

I would spy with my little eye,

My little cowboy suit.

Yes I remember Christmas time,

When I was a little boy.

The excitement of that Christmas morn

Still brings a tear-drop to my eye.






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