Jun 16 2015

‘I wish, I wish, I wish in vain…’

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Cabra (16)

‘I’d love to be able to go back 50 years and stand at this doorway of a Sunday morning at 11 o’clock and see the faces of all the old neighbours and people from Cabra West going to Mass. Just imagine that now…Do you know, I think I can hear Mister Mack up on the balcony playing the organ. Hello, grand morning all the same…that was Mrs Conway from Broombridge, you know the woman that has the stall in Moore Street. Hello Mrs Hall, I’ll be up at 8 o’clock in the morning for the Ma’s milk…ah you know her from upper Killala that does the milk for the Welfare. And there’s Mrs Donnelly that sells the apples down on the roundabout on Drumcliffe. Hello Mister Groves…ah me Da’s grand. There’s Mrs Malone that sells the fish. There’s Mister Cafolla with the dinge on his forehead, a nice man. Now do you remember them two oul fellas, I can’t think of their names, they do the Collection at Mass every Sunday, the tall man always has his overcoat on. Here’s a couple of Teddy Boys from Carnlough Road with their hair in a quiff, they’ll probably stand at the back of the church…sure we could go on for ages saying hello to everyone. Ah howya, how is the oul leg. Is it getting any better. Listen, I have to go or I’ll be late for the Mass…’

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