Jan 29 2016

‘I’ll put on the kettle…’

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‘No matter whatever happened in our house, no matter what the crises, a cup of tea seemed to fix it all or at least go a long way to. My Ma’ used to call this her “Small Teapot” and it was only ever used for visitors, not that we ever had many visitors of course, maybe the Da’s sisters visiting from town or the odd neighbour in trouble. But the kettle was put on the gas stove or sometimes it was left on the hob at the fire, always ready for any emergency. “Oh Mrs Coffey, wait till I tell you…”. ” Ah come in, come in. I have the kettle on the boil…”. says the Ma’ “. And then the troubles were poured out just like the tea, thick and black. “Don’t hold back…” says the Ma’…”. “…just take your time”. And that’s how it was back then. No one was ever turned away from our door and it didn’t matter what the problem was. But the cup a tea was your man, it gave great comfort to one and all. Sure the Da’ would be no time in from work and he soaking wet from the rain and frozen to the bone and the Ma’ would have a cup of tea in his hand before he even got a bit of dinner. And sure didn’t we always bring the big tea pot with us whenever we went to Dollymount? And the cold tea was a great man for a sty in your eye. I remember the sister washing her hair in cold tea so as to get a good colour in it. Now, would someone ever put the kettle on, all this writing has me gasping…’

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