Oct 09 2016

In a Flash…

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‘The only place in our house that you could go to for a decent read of your comic was in our Lavatory, it’s called the bathroom these days. And as sure as anything you’d only be getting comfortable when one of the sisters would come banging on the door, “I’m bursting, hurry up will yeah” and she’d be dancing and jigging out there on the landing. And sure there I’d be getting all excited at the adventures of Dan Dare and he fighting all them Space Creatures. ‘Will you ever shut up’, I shouts out at the sister, I’m trying to concentrate. Then the next thing, there’s the brother looking in the window over the lavatory door at me. ‘I told you not to touch my comics’ says he. Well, I knew there and then that I was in for a good hiding off a him. The sister had to run down the stairs and out to the back to use the shore. As soon as the brother went into the boys bedroom at the back I legged it out of the lavatory, threw his comic on the floor and lept down our stairs two at a time. I was like Flash Gordon running out our gate and up the road…’

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