Nov 02 2015

‘In silent remembrance…’

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Cabra West  (31)

‘A quiet moment of reflection and thought of all the great people from Cabra West who shaped my world when I was growing up there as a young boy. The Slop-Man, the Milk-Man, the Bread-Man, the Shop-Keepers, the Dustbin-Men, the Rag-Man, the Fish-Woman, the woman who sold the fruit from her old pram, the woman who sold Seaside Rock from her parlour window, the owners of the Shop-Vans, the people with the orchards that we robbed, the Rozzers chasing us through the back gardens, the girls with their Skipping Ropes and Piggy Beds, the kids playing Shop with their Chaney, the lads playing ‘Kick the Can, Mister Cafolla for all his chips, the men who organised the football teams, the people who brought all the turf home from the Park in their prams, the Oul Fella in the Turf Depot on Fassaugh Avenue, the Stew House, the people who ran the Playgrounds, the men painting the railings and footpaths for the Corpus Christi May Processions, all the Mammy’s who made the Buntings to hang from the bedroom windows down to the railings and so many more…’

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