Jun 05 2008

James Rogers in Australia

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cabra-history-jimmy-rogers-australia-4.jpg (This is a song I wrote and recorded in 2006.) 

Dublin you’re a treasure, you’re the place where I was born.
You’re a shining light on the east coast, a beacon to one and all.Down through the ages you stood the test of time,

Dublin you’re a lady, in my heart you’re always mine.
Dublin you’re my childhood, you’re the games I use to play,
You’re where I met my one true love, but sad I could not stay.So I sailed across the ocean in search of the land of youth,

 But for all my fame and fortune my heart it knows the truth. 

Dublin, you’re my day and night.

You nourished me in my early life.
You’re the memories that haunt my aging soul.

Your distant voice calls me back to stay.

But I always say wait one more day.

And I’ll return to walk your streets again. 

Dublin you’re my heaven, there’s a magic in your air,

You’re the song I always sing, you’re a rose so rare.

Dublin your my spirit, you’re the flame that set me free,
You’re my inspiration, Dublin you are me.   

(James Rogers)
(If anyone is interested in hearing this song, with Jimmy’s permission I will email it to you. It’s brilliant.)

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