May 12 2009

Jimmy Quinn – A Cabra Referee

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                                  (Jimmy Quinn centre)

  “The Final Whistle”

Whenever football is mentioned
One person comes to mind
The man who ruled the pitch
He was one of a kind.
Sometimes you’d hear the call
“Ah Ref it’s our throw in”
Then you’d hear “Just play the whistle”
From the famous Jimmy Quinn.
He kept the players on their toes
And put them thru their paces
The smartest man on the field
Some even said he ironed his laces.
The amount of games he reffed
You’d find it hard to count
From the humble Gloucester Diamond
To the famous Dalymount.
Now Jimmy took no messing
And always kept up with play
If anyone challenged his decision
“Nice and gently” you’d hear him say.
When Jimmy was getting tired
God said ” We can’t be having that
I need you for the final
Jimmy take an early bath”
Now whenever a yellow is given
Or someone shouts ” Hey Ref you’re blind”
We’ll remember the best Ref ever
Jimmy Quinn will come to mind.
(Eamonn O’Hara 23rd September 2008)

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