Jan 19 2016

‘Just one of those days…’

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The Church

It was a gloomy sort of morining as I passed through Cabra West earlier. But do you know what it is? I stopped off at the church and went inside for a look and what do you know, there were at least 50 people inside at the Mass. The new Parish Priest was up at the altar talking about how things were years ago, like when it was a sin to hang clothes out on the line of a Sunday and the congregation all nodding in agreement. There seemed to be a great sense of togetherness amongst the people there. I got to meet Bill Coughlin, a great friend of mine from years ago and Liam O’Neill from upper Carnlough Road of course was there. And do you know, the little shop that they have there is a great meeting place and everyone is made to feel so welcome. So well done to you all for keeping the spirit of Cabra West alive…

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