Jul 14 2009

Last Train to Booth Hill

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This view of the railway line running through Cabra West says it all in terms of change. The building seen to the right of the picture is a new apartment complex built at the back of the Cabra Grand. This building and its wire fences have now cut off the short cut that so many young cowboys took heading home from the local Picture House. The railway tracks that led to the siding where the cattle disembarked on their journey to the Cattle Market is now overgrown and forgotten. To the left of the picture is what remains of the Cabra Hills where ‘Custar’s Last Stand’ took place. Where so many childhood memories still linger and where children’s singing voices still echo across the stillness of an evening. The steel fencing stands upright and erect like some platoon of  soldiers guarding gold bullion on its way to Dodge City. The houses seen in the background are a reminder of how modernity has moved into the neighbourhood pushing ever further away  memories both happy and sad of the early settlers to Cabra West. The moving train is frozen in a moment of time to allow us to reflect on the role that the Cabra Hills have played in all of our lives.

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