Sep 10 2016

Lower Killala Road…

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This is what is left of the original Compound on Lower Killala Road. It was originally intended as a football pitch and it had a small wall all around it with holes where posts were to go to support the wire fence that it was meant to have. In the early days of Cabra West this was one of the places where the builders stored their materials and machinery. Great plans were made for the football field and a Road League was started up with three teams from each road for the different age groups and this is where some of the matches were to be played. Alas, it never came to pass and most of the games ended up being played in the 15 acres in the Phoenix Park. I remember at one time the Compound had millions of holes dug in it because some people were using the top soil for their gardens. But as kids we didn’t mind at all because the holes were great places to hide in when you were playing games of Hide and Seek or Cowboys and Indians or if you couldn’t wait to run into your house to use the toilet. In the summer we used to play a game of Rounders but some of us used to call it cricket because one had a bat like a cricket bat and there was a wicket the same as cricket. Hundreds of kids would join in with their roaring and shouting “Catch the ball and don’t let it fall…”. And there’d be your man running like the clappers with the bat to get in as many runs as he could and some of the opposition standing in his way to slow him down. And then of a summers evening a lot of the Mammies would sit on the wall drinking cups of tea and some of them having the odd fag or two. The Da’ would be hanging over the gate yapping about football and the man from the Mater Hospital Pools would be going around collecting his money. Do you know, there was no need for any of us to go elsewhere to play because we had it all on this road and there was even a shop at the top of the Compound that was run by Mrs Boyle, she had everything in it. And Mrs Merton used to sell Seaside Rock form her parlour window. And I remember one Sunday afternoon and Davy Barry setting up with his band in the Compound and some of the girls jiving with each other on a big sheet of timber that was placed on the grass in front of the band. And sure most of me pals lived on this road and there was plenty of girls to eye up as well. “And sure where would you be going with no bell on your bike”, says she…’

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