Jun 23 2016

‘Ma’, where’s me nicks…’

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Baths 2

‘Come on lads, last in is an eejit’‘Here Young One, your not allowed into the Baths’‘Ah but Mister I’m only after gettin’ into the shallow end’. ‘No, out you get, the Holy Father made that rule, not me‘ Those were the days alright, not a worry in the world and not a penny in your pocket but we had a great time all the same. And on a Sunday afternoon there would be all the Mammy’s and Daddy’s sitting up on the hill looking down at us all splashing about and roaring and screaming our heads off. ‘Ma’ look at me, I’m like Tarzan in the jungle’. ‘Here Teresa, where are you goin’ now’? ‘I’m gointa show me Da’ the Pinkeens in me Jam Jar. Ah Noeleen, don’t be standin’ on me Pinkeen’. ‘Here you, your not allowed down the deep end, you can’t swim’. ‘Ah here Mister, me Da’ said I could swim for Ireland when he saw me doing the Dog Paddle in the canal’. They were great times, with hundreds of kids converging on the Baths from early morning until late into the day. There was never any danger about that we saw. Sure if anything happened the Big Lads would sort it out for you. Once you told your Ma’ that you were going to the Baths with your pals sure she hadn’t a worry either. ‘Don’t forget to wear your S-Belt on you when you’re gettin’ into the water. You got that for your Holy Communion so don’t lose it’. ‘Mammy I have swim suit and I wasn’t to get into the Silver Spoon’. ‘Ah for God’s sake, just shove your dress down your knickers and stop midering me’. So off we go, now come lads and bring your sister if you want…Do you know what it is, I think I can hear a song comin’ on…’In the summertime when the weather is fine…’


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