Mar 03 2015

March 2015 by Tony Gorman

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Daffodils like yellow bells

And daisy’s so white
Buttercups all spread around
Sleeping at night

Bluebells like a carpet
Covering the woodlands floor
And crocus bloom around the trees
Each year they grow more

Apple blossom and cherry blossom
Have pink blooms and white
Colours so beautiful
Radiant and bright

Tempting the bumble bee
Into the flower
To gather his nectar
Hour after hour

And the March hare they spar
Like prize fighters they box
And their speed will be used
To outrun the fox

And the ducks making clucks
In their watery nest
Will sit on their eggs
As if having a rest

And the owl he will hoot
By the light of the moon
And we’ll all go to sleep
To that nightingales tune

As spring brings us love
In an oddly way
And it will stay in our hearts

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