Jul 02 2012

Mary Hogan

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The photo of the box and shoe were made by my Dad while he was in St Mary’s Hospital when he had Tuberculosis. He was there for twelve months in 1949/50 I was three/four years old at the time. When I was a child I absolutely loved these two items and spent many a day looking at how they were made. I asked my Dad what they were made from. They were made from cardboard as the base layer, then a used a post card with a scene from far away lands, the more exotic the better. On the outside layer they used the X ray film material that was at the hospital and in
plentyful supply. Then holes were punched to allow for the embroidery stitching which was done with a beautiful turquoise blue satin thread. The shoe was made the same way. This was done as “Occupational Therapy”. For years these two items stood on our dressing table in the girls bedroom in our house on Carnlough Rd. When my Dad died in July 2000 I was given these two very precious gifts to be loved as they always had been. Sadly the colours have faded now, but I can still see them when they were in all their glory.

The black and white photo is my beloved Granny Mc. My sister Kathleen sent this one to me recently. The baby girl is my cousin Mary Byrne. She is a twin to Ann Byrne. If you can post these photos of my Dad’s creations, I am sure they will mean something to other members of the site, and maybe they have some in their homes.



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