Jun 16 2013


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L-R: Danny Mitchell with Tony and Noel Coffey at my last book launch in 2009. Sadly Danny has since passed away. Now there was a little gang of lads from Lower Killala Road that consisted of Noel Coffey, Danny Mitchell, Christie Quinn and Thomas Crawley who always palled around together. There wasn’t an orchard within a ten mile radius that they didn’t rob.

Now I remember as a little fella seeing this gang playing with a ball that was punctured. Now to cut a long story short the ball ended up on the roof of the Merton’s house on Killala Road. Danny Mitchell climbed up the drain pipe at the front of the house like a chimp out of Dublin Zoo. As he reached the top of the pipe where there was a metal box he grabbed onto the box in an effort to haul himself up onto the roof. All us little kids thought this was great because he was like Spiderman going up the pipe. Well the next thing is the metal box couldn’t take his weight and broke off from the gutter. The two of them fell with the box thankfully leading the way. Well the box hit the railings below with such force that the railings bent where the box hit it and can still be seen as such to this very day. Now poor Danny fell into the garden and I think he might have ended up with a broken arm. He was probably only about ten or twelve years old at the time…

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