Dec 10 2016

‘My Little Sister…’

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‘This is my younger sister, Catherine who recently passed away. Throughout all of the years of growing up together we always believed it was the older ones that went first. But we never know what lies around the corner for anyone of us. In recent years Catherine and I became very close friends and shared a lot of our lives, fears and joys with each other. We would often meet up for breakfast or lunch or maybe just go for a drive across the Dublin mountains. She loved the time we spent in the great outdoors together, as did I of course. Sometimes we’d go for long walks and talk endlessly about anything and everything. She reared three young children to adulthood, making sure they were always at school, being their to support them, advise them and wipe their snotty noses. She also held down a full time job in the Civil Service. She loved spending time with her grandchildren. In later years Catherine met a great partner with whom she shared the remaining years of her life with. In the end she was very sick but never complained, always grateful to the doctors and nurses, hospital staff and others who helped smooth her path along the way. She even took time out of her illness to reach out and help other people in similar situations to her own. She was a very good sister to me and I miss her so much, I miss not being able to spend time with her and yap away to our heart’s content. In accepting her own situation and facing it head on, she was a great example to all us Coffey’s. She left us all with a smile on our faces as we listened to her favourite singer, Donny Osmond singing ‘”Puppy Love” at the close of her funeral…’

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