May 04 2015

My Old Wireless…

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I remember many years ago before we got a telly in our house the Ma’ and Da’ used to sit by the fire of a Sunday night and listen to the wireless, there’d be some kind of a play on the BBC Home Service. The Ma’ would be doing her knitting and the Da’ would be snoring his head off but listening in nonetheless. We’d all be sitting around on the floor or standing at the kitchen table doing our Ecker for school the next morning. You see, we didn’t have much to sit on back then in our house, an old Butter Box turned upside down with a cushion on it or an old Tea Chest that the brother brought home from work. But the wireless was magic and sometimes I’d even be allowed to play with the tuner and hear all sorts of strange accents and voices from around the world and wondering if those people knew they were talking to us in Cabra West. I bought this old wireless as few years ago for twenty quid and spent another twenty getting it fixed. It’s me pride and joy now, I wouldn’t part with it for all the tea in Liptons…listen in to ‘My Old Wireless’ connection on the front page of this site…

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