Mar 10 2013

Naller Roach…

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This is Naller Roach from Rathoath Road in Cabra West. Naller and my older brother Noel were great pals when they wre kids. One day they got this bright idea that they’d walk into town from Cabra and of they strolled down through Phibsborough and into town. Well the next thing is they find themselves in O’Connell Street standing at the foot of Nelson’s Pillar. The ould fella on the gate to the Pillar wanted 3d each to let them go up but somehow or other the two lads, being from Cabra managed to slip by him and legged it up 168 steps to the top.

Well of course being the boys they were they were no sooner gawking through the railings at the top of the Pillar when they decided they needed a pee. Looking around them they noticed that there were no toilets at the top of Nelson’s Pillar. Now down below was the old flower seller woman and the two lads bursting with their legs crossed at the knees. (Hold on now, don’t jump ahead of the story) After a very short conference it was decided to pee out through the railings in the hope that a breeze would come along and scatter it up along the length of O’Connell Street. It didn’t and the poor ould one down below got the full lash of it all over her flowers and herself.

A few years ago I met a woman who told me that her mother used to sell the flowers beside the Pillar in O’Connell Street. So I ups and tells her the story about my brother and his pal Naller. Well now you wouldn’t credit it but she ups and tell me that her mother often told her about a time when two little brats ‘Pissed down on me off the Pillar’. The two of us had a great laugh about it. Now I recently met Naller Roach outside the GPO in O’Connell Street and the first thing he said to me was ‘Wait ’til I tell you a story about your Noelie and me up on Nelson’ Pillar…’ and off he goes. And that’s how I managed to get a photgraph of him standing with the Spike in the background where the Pillar used to be, in memory of that great occasion. God bless you Naller, you’re one of the Old Stock…

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