Nov 14 2011

Naller Roach

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I was strolling around city centre this morning and bumped into Noel ‘Naller’ Roach from Rathoath Road in Cabra West. I met Naller outside the G.P.O. on this beautiful sunshine day. I remember one time coming out of the Cabra Baths when I was about eight years old and Naller came along with a horse and cart, when he saw me he told me to hop up onto the cart and he’d take me home. Well today Naller told me a story about himself and my older brother Noel. The two of them were in town one day and decided to go up Nelson’s Pillar. When they reached the top Naller was dying for a pee. He looked out through the railings and saw a garda below directing traffic…well you can guess what happened next. Naller specifically asked for his photo to be taken with the Spike in the background to remind me of this story.

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