Aug 11 2014

‘On the road again…’

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Hello folks, sorry I haven’t been as attentive to the site as I should be. You see I got an awful pair of itchy feet and had to take to the road. Now having said that I’m never too sure in which direction I’m going to head off in. Well this time I ended up in Ennis in County Clare. I have a granddaughter, Chloe living there and she’s a great one at Sat Navving, so anytime I get lost or take a wrong turn she puts on her mobile phone and the next thing some strange woman is telling where to go…’Turn left at the next roundabout and pay attention to Chloe…’

I suppose I’m trying to make the best of the bits of good weather we get now and then and there’s some great deals with most hotels around the country. And do you know what it is? I can’t go anywhere but I meet someone from Dublin or Cabra West. Be the jakers you’d think we were long lost relatives or something the way we greet each other and doesn’t the crack be great when you meet someone like that?

Well I’m back home now, for a while anyway and I hope to share a lot more stories and pictures with you. So keep tuning in and don’t forget if you want to sing a song, sing an Irish song…MC

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