Aug 19 2016

‘Pennies from Heaven…’

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Well now, believe it or not, I came across this fella today while I was downsizing. So I started searching to see if I could find another nine, because then I’d have enough to get into the Cabra Grand. I remember one time when the Corpo’ were digging up the Compound on Drumcliff Road, me and the pals found loads of these right beside where all the big lads used to play cards on a Sunday morning. We’d be there everyday after school digging with our hands and oul pieces of sticks, treasure hunting we were. We’d go down to Mister Mac’s shop on Carnlough Road and buy a load of sweets and we’d head up along the railway line to the Layer on Fassaugh. And we’d be seeing if we could make one sweet last in our mouth until we counted a hundred. There we’d be slurping and drooling while we were chewing and counting at the same time. One of the lads said that he was going to give his penny to the nun in school for the Black Babies, I seem to remember that this idea only lasted about a Nanno Second and then he bought a pennies worth of Cleeves with it. All the same, if you had one of these in your pocket back in the day, it made you feel like a millionaire…

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