Nov 13 2011

Poem from Jimmy Rogers

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(Gracie Doyle & Francie Neary)

I often look back at my youth, it hangs in the wardrobe, my old suit.
Bought in Hipps of Caple Street, black with a waist coat, it’s looks quite slick.
Like the story of Doreen Grey, it stayed young, i got grey.
It danced in every hall in town, from rock n roll to the uk sound.
It seen me smile, it seen me frown, when i asked a bird for a dance and got turned down.
It loved to dance in leather sole shoes, it crossed the floor in an Elvis move.
I’ll take you out to a show one night, it just lay there  not a word to say.
I’ll get   i’ll lose some weight, then i placed it back in its place.
Down to the kitchen, throw some chips in the pan, gaze out the window forget that plan.
Jimmy R.

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