Jun 17 2014

Remember this?…

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I was 4 years old when this shore was made. Do you ever remember on a frosty winters day and we getting an old sack from somewhere and dipping it down one of these shores so we could slap the ground with it and make a slide when the water froze over? Now who invented that idea, I wonder was it your man who became famous for writing his sums on Broombridge? It’s a wonder we didn’t get Polio from shoving our hands down into the muck and water looking for money. One of my brothers got a box from a neighbour for being at one of these and the brother ran home and asked the Da’ to go over and give the neighbour a dig. The Da’ gave him a dig instead and put him up to bed and the gas thing is that the brother still talks about that to this day. These shores were also handy for the boys who knew they couldn’t make it to the house for a pee. ‘Stand back, I want to see if I can get it in between the bars without splashing…’

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