Sep 29 2017


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‘Now, when we were kids there were certain times when you never stopped and asked “Why” or “For what” and one of them times was when someone shouted “Run”. You just ran, and it didn’t matter in what direction you ran, you just knew that you had to skedaddle out of it. I remember a gang of Young Ones were playing Rounders on our road with a tennis bat and a Golf Ball of all things. Well nothing would do only for us lads to get involved and challenge the Young Ones to a game. Things were going great, we were having a ball of a time and then suddenly everything changed colour, one of the Lads lashed the Golf Ball straight at the parlour window of a cranky neighbour. I had been standing there fed up waiting for my turn on the Bat when I suddenly heard a shout “Run…” And that’s when I heard the ball crash through the window. I ran straight into our house and up the stairs and locked myself in the toilet. Then I heard this banging on the toilet door and two of the lads shouting at me to let them in. And there we were, as quiet as three Blind Mice, one sitting on the toilet bowl, one sitting on the edge of the bath and one sitting on the floor. I think we stayed there for about an hour or so or until the sister came banging on the door wanting to get in. After that we sneaked out to our back and into the Da’s shed. Then we kept a low profile for several days until the storm calmed down….’

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