Feb 14 2020


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‘I remember when I was a Young Fella almost every boy on our road was always running. Running to the shops, running to school, running to Mass, running to the Playground, running to the Bogeys, running to the Phoenix Park, running after girls, running from trouble, running up the stairs, running to the Cabra Baths, running up to the Canal, running for the bus, running for bread, running for the Da’s cigarettes, running for the newspaper, running to the Rent Office, running for the sake of running, running from a dog, running after a cat, running with his hoop, running up a hill, running for a message, running after robbing an orchard, running with his ball, running to a football match, running to the Pictures, running across the road, running home from school, running for his dinner, running to the Barbers for a haircut, they never stopped running…I’m out of breath after all that running’

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