Jan 31 2013

Scratch Hard…

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Now myself and the brother never approved of this DDT stuff because it spoiled our Saturday morning game of killing the Hoppers in our bed. What would happen is that on each Saturday morning before we’d get dressed we’d pull back part of the rim that ran all around the mattress on our bed to see how many Hoppers there were who had gorged themselves on our blood throughout the night as we all slept. There we would see hundreds of little fat brown Hoppers all lined up and fast asleep. Now I’d start at one end of the mattress and the brother would start at the other and on the word ‘Go’ we’d have a race to see which one of us could kill the most Hoppers by crushing them between the nails of our thumbs. The laughs and screams out of the pair of us was great gas altogether with the crunching noise of the Hoppers and the splashing of their blood up into our little tensed up faces. I always loved Saturday morning in our house.

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