Mar 02 2011

Simply the Best from Alan LeStrange

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From the inner city like all the rest

We moved to a house in Cabra West

They really had the rare old stock

Like Brush Shields and Dickie Rock

The Legion of Mary and the Vincent De Paul

On some of us would make a call

Everyone was in the same boat

Sleeping under an old army coat

The jewman was very well known

nearly every house had a loan

Turf from the Depot in a sack

Sometimes coal from the railway track

And for the shopping you went to the van

For a quarter of butter and a small sliced pan

To the Precious Blood you went to Mass

Father Flash was very fast

For skipping the queue on the 22

I got a clatter from Mrs McGlue

To the Cabra Baths you went for a dip

There were no women allowed

So you could swim in the nip

We didn’t have to go to the seaside in June

We just walked up the road to the Silver Spoon

Some of the games we used to play

Would keep you out for half a day

Always to the Bogies you’d make a call

And up to Ventry to play handball

On a lamppost we made a swing

From a branch of a tree you’d make a sling

With your bow and arrow the best you ever seen

You were even better than Richard Green

With your arrow head made of wire and tar

You could shoot just as far

With a conker on a bit of string

You became the chestnut king

Off we’d go with our gats

Up to the dump to shoot the rats

On the road you made a slide

And knock on the door and run and hide

All the girls played piggies with a polish tin

We often tried to play but we’d never win

When we got older dancing in St. Peters Hall

Saturday night was the gala ball

And if a bit low we were feeling

Go for a pint in Mattie Whelan’s

Or one of the other places

Like the Homestead or the Oasis

Once you were in the door

Someone would sing the Candy Store

For boxing, football or even chess

You didn’t have to go further than Cabra West

We can’t forget about our women

We have ones that are great at swinging

I have left like all the rest

But I still go back to Cabra West

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