Aug 03 2015

‘Sit down there…’

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I remember years ago and the Da’ heading out of the house on his bike early one Saturday morning. The Ma’ says to him ‘Where are you going at this hour’ ‘Nowhere’ say he. So then she say ‘And what do you want to be taking your bike with you for’. Now he never even gave an answer to that one but just cycled off down the road. So then about two hours later he I sees the Da’ walking up our road pushing his bike with some big thing or other on it. I ran in and told the Ma’ and she came out to the hall door to see what he was up to because there were times in our house when you wouldn’t know what the Da’ might be up to. As he got nearer to our house the Ma’ says ‘What’s that he’s got on his bike’? Well now there it was, a fireside chair none the less. Some woman that the Da’ knew from work had told him that she had a fireside chair she wanted to get rid of and the Da’ said he dump it for her. Now there was nothing wrong with the chair or anything, it was almost brand new. So into the house it came and was put in place right next tot he fire. The Ma’ still had a puzzled look on her face. The Da’ turned to her and said ‘It’s for you to sit on while you’re listening tot he wireless’. You should have seen the look on her face, you’d think that she’d just won the Lotto. You see, we didn’t have any kind of proper armchairs in our house or that and the Ma’ was thrilled. Well before she got a chance to sit on it the brother plonks himself down on it and looks up at the Da’ with a big grin on his face until the Da’ told him that the woman’s husband had died in that chair. Now he hadn’t of course but the brother wasn’t to know that as he hopped up off the Ma’s new fireside chair. Then the Ma’ sat down on it as if she was the Queen sitting on her golden throne. ‘Would someone ever put the kettle on’ she said as she slowly relaxed into her new chair…

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