Dec 09 2011

Snakes and Ladders

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Now this is a game I loved as a child. Do you remember putting the dice in the little plastic cup and blowing into it in the hope of getting a six so you would get an extra go? And of course if you landed on a ladder you’d leap up screaming with delight. Or if one of my brothers or sisters landed on a snake we’d all roar with the laughter. Up the ladders and down the snakes is how it went. Did you ever wonder who sat down and invented such a  game? They must have had nothing else to do with their time. Sometimes we got this game in our stocking along with a nice orange and some shiney pennys. In later years it came in a Compendium Box with loads of other games. Do you remember the kids outside asking you ‘What did you get for Christmas’?…’I got a game of Snakes and Ladders’. ‘Ah Jaysus bring it out and let’s have a game’. Any amount of kids could play Snakes and Ladders at the one time. And sometimes if you landed on someone elses colour you had to go backto the start again. I used to tell me sister that if they didn’t let me win I’d put a snake in their bed. How easy it was to keep us kids entertained back then

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