Oct 18 2012

Stop the Lights…

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I recently bought this old fashioned tape-recorder and it came complete with a few tape reels. Whoever the previous owner was taped a television programme called Quicksilver featuring Bunny Carr and Norman on the organ. It’s great listening altogether and it brings back so many memories of the ould Black and White telly of years ago.

I remember one time the Da’ came home with a brand new tape-recorder like this one. He’d got it on the ould Hire Purchase. He wanted to send a tape of us all talking to my sister in England. All the relations were there on the night with my granny taking pride of place. And of course half of our neighbours had to come in as well. My sister was able to turn the tape reel over and record on to it and she sent it over to Cabra. Once again the clan and neighbours were all gathered together to listen to my sister with her half English half Irish accent talking to us out of this modern wonder. I don’t know whatever became of that tape but I sure wish I had it today…

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