Sep 01 2017

‘Tea and Milk…’

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‘Now if I had a half a crown for every time a cup of tea was made in our house years ago I’d be living on Millionaire’s Row in Castleknock . When we had the original old cast-iron fireplace in the kitchen the Ma’ always kept a pot of water on the hob, just in case of visitors. “Ma’, me Granny’s comin’ down the road”.Quick , get that pot off a the hob and make a pot of tea“. And in an instant there it was, a fresh pot of tea waiting to be poured and Granny hadn’t even got her coat off. You wouldn’t get that service in Woolworth’s CafĂ©. And poor oul Granny sitting beside the fire and she spitting out her false teeth into a hanky and shoving them into her handbag. “Them bloody teeth are after killin’ me coming down that road. Every time I took a step they were digging into me gums. They don’t fit me right” says she, as she rubs her gums with  a blob of Margarine out of our butter dish. “A fresh cup of tea will fix that” says the Ma’. And so it does in the same way that the cup of tea fixes everything else in this country. Sure if those politician up in the Dail drank more tea should the country would be a grand place to live in altogether…’

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