Nov 02 2015

”The brother again…’

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Cabra West  (26)

‘Bless me Father, my brother has sinned, it’s three months since his last Confession’. ‘What are you on about’? says the Priest. ‘Well you see Father, the brother said to tell you that he’s not feeling well and he sent me to get Confession for him instead’. ‘What kind of a Blaggard are you at all’? yells the Priest and he spitting at me through the grill in the Confession Box. ‘A jaysus Father…’ says I ‘’re only after drowin’ me with all your spits’. Well the next thing I know is that the Priest is yanking me out of the Box by the ear and the howlin’ and screams of me all over the church. Now I have to say that the brother wasn’t too impressed at all when I told him what had happened because that meant he couldn’t get Holy Communion that Sunday…

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