Jan 01 2015

The Cabra Baths…

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Baths 2

Do you remember the days when Tarzan used to swim here and all the Crocodiles after him? ‘AH ahahahahahah…’ All the lads would respond to Tarzan’s cry for help and dive in to help him with their little wooden sticks for knives shoved down the band of their swimming nicks. And then there was the time that Gregory Peck fell in and Moby Dick the whale was after him. And all the lads shouting at him ‘Swim down to the shallow end Greg, it’s not deep enough for the Whale to swim in’. Oh the excitement was massive altogether. And all the Young Ones sitting on the wall minding their brother’s clothes would be screaming as well. ‘He’s a hind yeah Mister…’ I remember well the time the Dead Horse was floating in the water and all the big lads using it as a raft because they were playing ‘Pirates’ like Erroll Flynn on the Cabra Grand Picture House. And then there’d be other lads jumping off from the edge trying to grab on to the horse and throw the bigger lads off into the water. ‘Argh me lads, get off you scurvy knave…’ Sure wasn’t the names great and the way the kids knew how to speak ‘Pirate language’ and all? And then you had Clarke Gable floating down the Missippi  on the big Steam Boat and there he’d be standing out on the deck showing off his waistcoat with the gold watch and chain and he smoking a great big cigar. The lads would all be sneaking into the water from the edge of the baths pretending they were Indians and holding their knives in their mouths like the real Indians used to do. Ah they were great times altogether and sure couldn’t I ramble on forever about the Cabra Baths and all the adventures we used to have…


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