Sep 11 2008

The Carnlough Hills

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The Carnlough Hills 

Across the railway tracks they came

That brave and gallant band.

To rescue General Custer

Under attack from the Cabra Grand.

Sitting Bull turned his tail and fled

He was fed up to the gills

Those Cabra Lads they chased him back

Into the Carnlough Hills.


The last train came from Boot Hill

Along the railway track

With reinforcements dressed in blue

They pushed those Indians back.

Up past the Alamo they ran

While using all their skills

Those daring Redskins knew their way

Across the Carnlough Hills.


Then John Wayne came upon the scene

To fight the Korean war.

‘Stand back everyone’ he said

I’ll give those Japs what for

With bullets flying here and there

And guts about to spill

The girls all grabbed their dolls and ran

Across the Carnlough Hills.


The gunfight at OK Corral

Was called off do you see

Because the lads all headed home

The Ma’ had chips for tea.

And so the evening comes to rest

Upon the scene so still

But memories still linger there

Among the Carnlough Hills.

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