Jan 29 2015

The Chesterfield Suite…

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I remember years ago when the Ma’ brought me to town with her and we went into Clery’s. They had this lift you see that looked like a cage and a fella inside that had to close the gate and push the button for whatever floor you wanted to go to and he wore a uniform on him like your man in the Picture House. I seem to remember being on a floor full of furniture and the Ma’ saying she’d love to have a Chesterfield Suite to sit on. Now I hadn’t a clue what she was on about because we had an old Tea Chest with a cushion on it and I thought that’s what she meant. Sure one of them sofas would have been too long for our place at home. Can you just imagine the killin’s with our gang on a big sofa? ‘Ma’ tell Brendie to get his feet off a the new sofa’…’Ma’ the babies after wettin’ on the new sofa…’ And there was the Ma’ thinking she was Doris Day in one of those posh hotels in Hollywood being romanticized by the Da’ dressed up to look like Clarke Gable. And wouldn’t you as a kid be saying to yourself ‘Don’t worry Ma’ I’ll buy one of them for you some day…’

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