Nov 14 2014

The Chipper…

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‘I’ll have a large single and a Pissy Ray please love and will you put plenty of salt and vinegar on them’…On the odd Friday the Ma’ would send us up to Mister Cafolla’s chipper for ten singles…’And don’t be picking at them…’ The place was always packed with the queue starting at the chipper counter and going all the way around the wall and out the door.

Mister Cafolla would come into the place from a room in at the back with a big bucket of chipped potatoes and pour them into the hot oil or I suppose it could have been lard or something like that. A great big cloud of steam would rise up like in a sauna and as well as cooking the chips it’d half cook us in the queue. It was great. And do you know what it is, there’s nothing like the smell of salt and vinegar out of a chipper.

When we’d eventually get home to the Ma’ she’d get the big bread knife and cut each bag of chips in half. So we’d each get a half a bag of chips and a slice of batch Loaf covered in margarine. There was nothing like it in all the whole wide world.

Still love me oul chips on a Friday…

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