Jul 29 2018

‘The Cuppa Tay…’

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The Cuppa Tay

‘It might just seem a little strange

 To some of you today

But I remember years ago

When a neighbour passed away


His wife came in to tell me Ma’

The husband had just died

“He fell asleep and never woke”

The tears fell as she cried


The Ma’ reached out a tender touch

And held her by the hand

“I’ll put the kettle on” she said

Trying to understand


“I’ll get the Priest to bless him

And then I’ll lay him out

You sit there and have your tea

I’ll spread the news about”


She lived next door to us you see

For over forty years

They came from town just like the Ma’

They brought out all their fears


Of living in the countryside

Out by the Royal Canal

From that day on as neighbours

My Ma’ became her pal


They shared with one another

Their cares from day to day

They never fought or had a row

They just weren’t made that way


Now as they sat together

With tears flowing wet and free

Deep in thought for what once was

They quietly sipped their tea…’



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