Nov 05 2010

The Giant Turnip

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Do you remember this from when you were in school? Well I believe it’s back in the new schoolbooks for younger children today. This is one of the many delightful stories that we read as children when we went to school in Cabra all those years ago. I loved my English Reader because if I didn’t know one of the words in a story I could look at the picture and make one up to suit it. I suppose the moral to this particular story is that when there is a problem in the home the whole family pulls together to solve it. Now this pretty much says it all where some of our neighbours in Cabra were concerned. Because if one of them was in trouble with sickness or whatever the rest of the neighbours got stuck in and helped out wherever they could. I remember many times when my mother took in a neighbours child or my father fixing something that had broken on the woman next door, they didn’t have to be asked, they just did it. It was being neighbourly without being nosey. Sometimes a gentle word or gesture in a time of bereavement or serious illness can mean so much to a person or family. So the next time you see a family member or neighbour in need just remember the story of the Giant Turnip.

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