Jan 24 2019

‘The Grotto…’

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‘Do you ever remember the original Grotto in the grounds of the church, I wonder  are these the very same statues as back then? I remember when they buried Canon Burke in that Grotto. It was real holy and all. You’d nearly feel like taking your shoes off when you walked near it because it was so holy. As young children these were the kind of things that kept our innocent little minds focused on doing good and wanting to be holy. The same as the May Procession or the Corpus Christi Procession when all of our neighbours would pull together to have the roads cleaned and painted and some houses even had shrines up on the shelter over their hall doors or in their gardens. And people like Mister Courtney from Lower Killala Road who was a carpenter, would help build the Altar and things. My mother would make veils out of her Net Curtains for my sisters to wear on their heads while they walked in the procession. They never let me walk in the procession, I was probably too giddy anyway. Innocent times but great memories…’

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