Nov 14 2014

The Happy Ring House…

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City Centre Dublin  (62)

‘McDowell’s, the Happy Ring House, beside the Pillar’.

City Centre  (79)


Whenever I’m walking through city centre there’s always something that’ll catch my eye and out comes the old camera. I recently stood outside McDowell’s in O’Connell Street and thought about the hundreds of young couples over the years who walked through the door of this great Dublin establishment to look at, if not to buy an engagement ring. The excitement must have been magic all the same. She hinting at it and him dodging it for as long as he could get away with it and then two minds coming together in love as they walk hand in hand through the door of McDowell’s. ‘Ah no love, that ones very dear‘. ‘Let me worry about that, I can always ask the Da’ for a loan’.

And she’d be bursting with excitement to tell her Ma’ and show off the ring to her sisters and all her pals in work. Then himself of course would be ‘Cock of the Walk’ with his pals. ‘I’m a real man now‘ says he. The Mammy of course giving sound advice to the both of them. ‘Now are you sure about this because once you make your bed you have to stay in it, regardless. A bit like your Da’ and meself‘. Oh and don’t forget the ‘Engagement Party’. Like the upcoming wedding you have to invite all the aunties and uncles and all your pals and of course it goes without saying ‘Have you named the big day yet‘ being asked at every twist and turn. Don’t forget now that once you buy that ring you’re spoken for and she’s your fiancee and you’re her man. And all her pals have to try on the ring and make a wish…’I wish I could find a fell a with loads of money and a house in Phibsborough‘. ‘Ah it’s gorgeous, have you picked out your Bridesmaid yet’? The whole event takes on a life of it’s own. ‘Now when you get married you’ ll have to give up your job‘. Remember those days?

Could you imagine back then telling your parents that you’re moving in with your “Partner”. ‘You’re what...’ says the Da’. ‘…no daughter of mine. Sure you only know him two weeks..’ says he as he puts his coat on. ‘Ah where are you going love...’ says the Mammy. ‘I’m going for the Priest, where do you think I’m going‘. And he gets it too. ‘Now listen son, do you want to break your mother’s heart or what. Think about the neighbours for God’s sake‘. And the Ma’ and Da’ would have the best of intentions.

And there I was standing outside McDowell’s with all these thoughts going through my head. It must be in the water…oh that reminds me…

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