Mar 22 2012

The Jive…

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In the 1960s I was in a Pop Group and sometimes we’d use my mother’s parlour on Killala Road for practise sessions. Now our parlour was probably no bigger than ten feet by eight feet in size. We had a full drum kit, three guitar players, amplifiers, microphones and wires all over the place. The rest of my family were all in the kitchen watching the telly and having their tea.

I think the whole block of houses used to shake with the noise of us and yet nobody ever complained, not even the nosey ould one from up the road. I remember one time in particular as we were playing a slow number someone started banging on the parlour window. I pulled back the lace curtain and looked out and there looking in at me were two or three Young Ones. They were shouting at me to play a few fast songs because they wanted to show their other pal how to jive. When I looked out at the Ma’s gate I could see loads of Young Ones on the road dancing with each other. When I told the lads what was happening outside they were delighted and started  bashing out loads of rock and roll numbers.

Now the really strange thing is that I would have loved to have gone outside and have the girls show me how to jive. Because you see, when you’re on the other side of the guitar you never get to dance, you just get to play. So I never learned how to jive. Now that’s my excuse for wanting to go outside and I’m sticking to it…

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