Sep 30 2018

‘The Kitchen Dresser…’

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The original Kitchen Dresser we had was painted a light blue. It certainly wasn’t as fancy looking as this one in the picture. I suppose the Dresser was a forerunner of the China Cabinet where all the best china and things were kept and displayed. I’ve recently managed to get a few old blue Willow Pattern plates. I’m away most times haunting the oul Second-Hand and Charity shops for bits and pieces to put on my Dresser. I came across an old style Cross that was used when someone was “Laid Out” at funerals and put it up on the top of the Dresser as well as a photograph of my First Holy Communion Day. I remember when my Da’ used to put his Collar Studs into an old milk jug that my Ma’ had hanging up on our Dresser, the jug was only for show, it was never used, unless we had a visitor or that. My Ma’ used to work in a Rosary Bead Factory and she had two or three sets of these beads, that she had made kept, for safekeeping in one of the drawers….’

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