Jul 30 2018

‘The Ma’ and her sister…’

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‘The young one on the right is my Ma’ and the little one on the left is her sister, my aunt Kathleen Burke who some of you may remember from 41 Broombridge Road. I love this photograph because it reminds me so much of my Ma’ laughing and joking about when it was taken. You see, my Granny Burke was in a “Photo Club” with some of her pals and every now and then she’d send my Ma’ and Kathleen up town (That was across the other side of O’Connell Street from the Pro Cathedral), to one of the many photo studios in Mary Street or Henry Street where they would have their photo taken. My mother said that on this occasion she had to bring Kathleen back several times to the photographer to have their photo taken again because Kathleen wouldn’t keep her head up for the photograph. My Granny would warn the Ma’ to make sure Kathleen kept her head up, so the Ma’ warned Kathleen that she’d give her a box if she didn’t keep her head up and that threat seemed to work. The clothes the two girls are wearing were all made by hand by my Granny Burke who learned all that sort of stuff when she was a young one herself in the Reform School in Tipperary….’

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