Aug 15 2017

The May Procession…

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Cabra Scouts 1969 fx

‘Do you ever remember the May Procession years ago? All of my sisters would get excited at the whole idea of getting dressed up in a white dress and a veil, especially those who hadn’t yet made their First Holy Communion. The poor oul Ma’ would be up all night at her oul Singer Sewing Machine and some oul piece of Net Curtain that she was saving “Just in Case” and in next to no time at all she’d have little veils for the girls all sewn up. And like the Corpus Christi parade this was always a great time for the whole community of Cabra West to pull together and pulled they did. Twice every year the entire area was awash in colour and singing and parading up and down the roads and everyone blessing themselves. The Boys Scouts were out as well and all of the men in their “Sunday Best” and all wearing a collar and tie. The Mammies would have their best dress on and their “Sunday handbag” hanging from their arms. Ah, God be with the days all the same…’

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