Oct 11 2012

The Monto…

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A lot of families that settled in Cabra owe their origins to the North Inner City area of Dublin. My own parents for instance and their families going back three or four generation lived in this area. In recent times one street in particular, Railway Street was partly dug up for the laying down of all sorts of cables. Some very interesting things were uncovered in the process. In order to highlight these finds the results are being made available to the general public in this exhibition. I was invited to put on a display from my family photo collection of people that lived in Railway Street at the turn of the last century. I will have twenty five exceptionally fine photographs showing the conditions in which these people lived and what they themselves looked like. Another part of the exhibitions is based on the 1913 Lock-Out involving James Larkin. My grandfather and his father were both arrested, charged with riotous behaviour and given one month with hard labour, one in Mountjoy Gaol and the other in Kilmainham Gaol. There is no entrance fee into the exhibition and it’s open to one and all.

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